ELK Winter Clothing Donations Appeal

ELK Winter Clothing Donations AppealWe are honoured to partner with two inspiring charities, Big Group Hug and Hayden's Helping Hands in our winter clothing donation appeal. We would love your help by donating good condition coats and jumpers in child and adult sizes.
To donate simply take your freshly laundered coat or jumper donations into any ELK store at the following locations:
ELK Preston: 395 Plenty Road, Preston,
ph: 03 7019 9590
ELK Little Collins: 182 Little Collins Street, Melbourne,
ph: 03 8609 1247
ELK Albert Park: 119 Dundas Place, Albert Park,
ph: 03 7019 9591
If you have any questions, please email our Customer Service team at customerservice@elkthelabel.com.
The appeal will run until Friday 19 July, 2019.
To learn more about these two inspiring charities who are funded entirely by charitable donations, please see further details below;
A formal charity since 2014, Big Group Hug operates out of Bundoora in Victoria, Australia. Their focus is on helping young children and in particular, vulnerable children and their families.
Hayden's Helping Hands was started by 12 year old Hayden who made it his personal goal to help homeless and vulnerable people in Melbourne.
Once a week Hayden, with a group of volunteers who are predominately kids, go into Rebecca's Walk in Batman Park located in the inner city of Melbourne. Here they are met by between 60-100 homeless people who know to expect them and come for help with food, clothing and blankets.
HHH also respond to direct messages for help from vulnerable families in the Northern Suburbs.
HHH is a registered charity with a Board and annual report.
In 2016, Hayden was awarded the "Pride of Australia" medal for the work he has been doing to help the homeless.
To learn more about ELK's community work, please take a look at our Community section here
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