Our collections are in some ways a translation of our current mood. We have an intuitive need to stop and reflect, to escape from complication and from darkness. This was the concept behind our collection, Solace

In our own quiet way, at ELK we are drawing on our creativity to find light in a rapidly transforming world. We seek a feeling of being together, searching for real values, for comfort, for things that really mean something - for solace.

Searching for the freedom to create and to strip away the noise we embarked on a journey to the wild, remote coast of New Zealand. A volcanic, black sand beach with roiling seas unveiled a wild backdrop sculptured by nature in a land of inspiring contrasts. 

We translated these contrasts into prints that have a connection to a powerful landscape and through designs punctuated with sharp bolts of colour; vibrant greens, deep blues and pinks. 

Chunky, enveloping knitwear satisfies our longing for comfort and warmth and structured fabrics, flowing hemlines and metallic highlights add a feminine softness. 

For this collection, we focused on the good stuff. In winter we usher in a feeling of calm and of warmth. Our work is our way of formulating a creative response to an intuitive need for solace. 

Click here to view our Solace lookbook x

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