In a wardrobe built around simplicity and unique design, our linen pieces remain a comfortable staple that continue to look as refined as they are relaxed- after all one of linen’s best characteristics is that it gets better with age.
This season, our linen has been sourced in the Northern regions of France which has a long, abundant history of selling linen; a textile celebrated for its dependability, comfort and antibacterial properties, having reached all corners of the Earth.

New arrivals from our Gleam Collection include our Hersom Range, introducing four staple silhouettes- the jumpsuit, the high-waisted pant, the top and an easy-wear, everyday dress.
Bringing the textile back in a fresh way, that is still authentic to it’s natural form, the soft, high-quality linen pieces were designed to mix and match to create a modern uniform. Style each piece effortlessly, with crisp white sneakers for day and vibrant accessories for night, embracing the neutral colour palette of white, navy and paprika.

Here is how we look after our ELK linen.

Linen pieces can be machine or hand-washed in cold water– ensure you always read our care label and opt for a gentle cycle with like-items that are light-weight, as it is best for linen to not be overhandled.
We love to use mild eucalyptus or other plant based detergents, free of bleach or brighteners that are not the best for us or our environment. A cold water wash also keeps the colouring of your favourite pieces vibrant.
Linen’s natural properties that cause it to become softer and filled with character with each wash mean there is no need for fabric softener- which helps us in our sustainable journey.

As always, we take care to air dry as much as possible- and air-drying is one of the best ways to ensure linen lasts- as over-drying in tumblers can make fibres brittle.
Hang linen on a clothesline, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Gravity from hanging these garments can also help creases to drop out.
If tumble-drying, choose a low to medium setting for only 15 minutes- the gentle setting and shorter drying time will ensure the garment doesn’t become brittle over time.

Although creasing is in linen’s nature, there are a few easy ways to remedy this.
If you have chosen to tumble dry, remove the garment whilst slightly damp and lay flat.
Luckily, air-drying will naturally dry smooth- but to polish further garments can also be removed from the line and ironed whilst inside out on a medium-hot steam setting or hung up in a bathroom and steamed whilst you are having a hot shower.
Creasing throughout the day can be expected, but can add to the overall timeless, natural look of an outfit. It’s all in linen’s charm.

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