The Ollie Print

In a collection inspired by adventure, this season we celebrate the joy of creativity with an Original ELK Print based on a sketch by the son of Co-founders', Marnie and Adam.

Below Marnie describes the creative journey of The Ollie Print.

There is a quote I once read:

Designing textile prints is much the same. Picturing something in your mind that you can bring to life as a 3D product is one of the most satisfying aspects of our job. As designers we are often asked where we get our inspiration from and truthfully - it can be from anywhere and everywhere.

This art of observation rings true as we launch our new collection Nomad with a print drawn by our smallest, busiest little person Ollie. It was great fun to see his excitement as we turned one of his drawings into something that his mum can wear. Like all kids who are prolific producers of art Ollie draws freely and mostly line work.....perhaps we have a budding architect?!

* Elliott Erwitt; French-born American photographer and filmmaker

This garment contains certified organic cotton. The cotton is grown using methods that lessen the impact on our environment, replenish and maintain soil fertility, decrease water usage and build biologically diverse agriculture. Crops are not treated with pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides, and are not genetically modified.



Image 1

Our Creative Director, Marnie, with her young son Ollie, wears the Ollie Print Pant, Bries Cotton Tee and Liva Mule.

Image 2

Marnie wears the Ollie Dress with the Yenni and Fie Bangles and Caisa Platform.



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