Our Shanghai collection has arrived.

Designed by our Creative Director, Marnie alongside our Melbourne ELK design team, our new arrivals featured the signature Shanghai print. We drew inspiration from the Chinese inspired illustration of the grainy, mountainous landscapes we associate with Asian art.

All key prints for the season were inspired by China's rich culture, heritage and its diversity, which offer us a constant source of inspiration to adventure, research, to make and to source.

The neon print in Shanghai was drawn from streams of light speeding along busy freeways, and the tile print from the towers of lights emanating from the tiny, illuminated windows in the night's sky.

Winter's palette was a moody mix of soft, inky colours found in traditional paintings punctuated by bright colours of the eponymous neon signs flashing in bustling cities. Pinks, yellows and blues gave the collection a strength that forces the darkness of winter away.

We took inspiration from a country that has become a great part of our lives. We never cease to wonder at the pace, ingenuity and diversity of one of the World's oldest cultures.

To discover the Shanghai lookbook, click here

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