As part of the Summer 2017 Collection, MUSE, the Frankenthaler collection was a feature print inspired by the influential American painter Helen Frankenthaler.

Creating large-scale paintings and using new techniques she created through decades of experimentation and development, Helen Frankenthaler's works are awe-inspiring. Notably, her use of colour, layering and bold expression earnt her the reputation as a major contributor to postwar American painting.

The ELK Frankenthaler collection offered both apparel and jewellery. The apparel designs were handcrafted from silk creating pieces that were beautifully soft and lightweight to wear.

Made from cork and metal, our Frankenthaler jewellery collection was a unique look that paid homage to ELK’s love of contrasting yet complementary materials.

Browse the Summer 17 MUSE lookbook here x

"A really good picture looks as if it's happened at once." - Helen Frankenthaler

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