We are excited to introduce you to one of our favourite photographers, Marnie Hawson.

After discovering Marnie via her Instagram we knew we'd discovered a new creative partnership. Marnie has worked on some beautifully curated projects for ELK this year and we know there will be many more to come.

We decided to hand over the ELK blog to Marnie so you can learn more about this incredibly talented creative...

My previous career as an environmental scientist has a big influence on my work as a photographer, in the sense that I connect most with businesses with an ethical and sustainable mindset. Conscious consumerism and fair trade are really important to me, as my values haven't changed - just my career.

One of these such businesses is ELK, who are based in Melbourne but work with small organisations around the world to produce their collections. All their manufacturers are visited numerous times each year and working conditions, company ethics, workers rights and workplace safety are assessed prior to any work taking place.

In ELK's words "transparency and honesty are fundamental values upheld across the entire supply chain". Their timber is sourced from sustainable plantations and they support UNICEF programs for vulnerable children. AND they make gorgeous and functional clothes, bags, shoes and accessories!

I've been using ELK's Huide Leather Backpack for a while now, and it's a great accessory to take to shoots - it fits my laptop, huge copper water bottle, and the million other bits and pieces that don't fit into my Pelican hard case (full of camera gear).

I'm just waiting for it to get enough use to age and get nice and worn - I love imperfect and aged pieces the most, and therefore love owning pieces that will last for decades and show their history in their form.

To discover more of Marnie's work, click here x

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