Introducing: ELK Linen

This season, we are paying homage to versatility, comfort and functionality.

Here's to celebrating one of the oldest materials in the world, once so valued, it was considered a symbol of purity and form of currency in Ancient Egypt.

Our linen is sourced in the Northern regions of France which has a long, abundant history of selling linen; a textile celebrated for its dependability, comfort and antibacterial properties, having reached all corners of the Earth.

Around five thousand years ago, the Egyptians used the term "woven moonlight" to describe the beauty of this beloved textile. Cool to touch, smooth and soft, linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant. The nutrient-rich crop is grown in cooler climates with deep, fertile soil.

The new arrivals from this collection introduced the "Flyte" collection, which took a fresh approach, bringing the textile back to its most authentic form. A soft, high-quality linen, our Flyte pieces were designed to mix and match to create a modern uniform.

Showcasing five essential silhouettes, the collection combined a wide leg short, easy wear pant and capped sleeve jumpsuit – effortlessly styled with sneakers for a casual affair, or embellished with chunky accessories for an evening escapade.

This seasonal statement could be completed with a stylish, lightweight and easy to wear scoop neck tank or our long shift shirt, which could also be worn as a dress.

Our narrative has always been more than just design. Rather, we aim to innovate and inspire, with wearable pieces that can be mix and matched for a new perspective.

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