Our Summer 2017 Collection, MUSE, was inspired by pioneering creative women who in their time challenged art to move in new directions.  

This collection features our highlight print inspired by one of these artists, Susan Forsyth. A modern day experimental artist, Forsyth uses 'traditional techniques and invented frameworks to explore strength and delicacy in sculpture'. 

Notably, Susan's works are often coated in gold leaf and these shining pieces inspired us to design a print dedicated to her use of this most delicate material in some incredibly large-scale works. 

Our inspiration is expressed through the creation of our in-house designed foil "Forsyth" print applied to a lightweight viscose fabrication. This unique expression of this inspiration draws on Susan's love for experimental design. 

The jewellery pieces captured metal foil fragments frozen inside frosted resin. Each piece was made by hand and included a ring, earrings, a long and short necklace and a statement bangle. The foil detail was designed in gold and copper options. 

To view the MUSE lookbook featuring Susan Forsyth, click here x

'Susan Forsyth's work combines strength and delicacy where gold and silver are gilded, polished and balances in the gallery or landscape.'
- Royal British Society of Sculptors. 

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