In Australia, around 105,000 people are homeless.

This includes those sleeping in improvised dwellings, cars, tents or sleeping rough. From these numbers, 1,073 are children under the age of 12 years old, and there is an increase in domestic violence victims and elderly widows on the streets.

That's where Sleepbus comes in. The charity, created by Simon Rowe, converts old buses into safe, temporary overnight accommodation offering a night off the street and support until individuals are able to get back on their feet. 

After a profound experience with a homeless man, Simon left his career in the corporate world and founded the charity. "I developed the Sleepbus solution after I saw a homeless man in Melbourne trying to sleep during the day on the street, while people stepped over him," said Simon. 

Simon is now fundraising money to build his next bus; The Pink Bus. This service will provide shelter for people affected by domestic violence, and a safe place, particularly for mothers and children. 

It is inspirational to learn about people like Simon who have taken the initiative to create a positive impact on our community and solutions for homelessness.

To donate to Sleepbus and help raise funds towards the completion of the pink bus please click the link to read more and donate.

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