Based in the beautiful coastal town of Barwon Heads, Victoria, visual artist Megan Weston, draws inspiration from the natural environment using aerial photography as her inspiration to a create a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours. We sat down with Megan to learn more about how she balances a creative life with being a Mum.

Words of wisdom your mother taught you?

‘Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you’ this quote used to hang on our childhood home wall and sits well with me as a daily reminder to always seek the positive and turn your back on the negative - words to live by.

Do you have a favourite memory of your mother from your childhood?

So many to choose from but the one that stands out was the time my sister and I set up a ‘restaurant/shop’ and we would have free reign in the kitchen where we would cook probably the most awful food and mum used to play along as the customer! Mind you, she never sent anything back to the kitchen, even though I’m sure a weetbix cake was the most horrible thing on the menu. Ha!

How does your career influence how you approach motherhood?

The way I have set up my business is purely for the flexibility of running the household so I can be there for the kids when they need me.

Balancing a business and children, what is your number 1 piece of advice?

Hire a house cleaner and outsource any jobs you don’t have time for, prioritise your day and be flexible.

What's next for Megan Weston?

There’s always something in the pipeline! I am working on a new body of work that will be released very soon, exciting times ahead.

View more of Megan’s beautiful work here.

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