In 2017, we were excited to welcome a new independent boutique to the ELK family, Perican Bing in Portland, USA. This light-filled store is stocked with a beautiful curation of homewares and apparel.

Owners Dominga and Lynne both come from well-established marketing and buying careers and have teamed their talents with a passion to create the unique shopping experience of Perican Bing. We spoke with co-owner Dominga Ramirez to find out more about her life and Perican Bing.

1. What is the one word that describes Perican Bing the best?


2. What does a day at work at Perican Bing consist of?

The day starts with a strong coffee, then perusing news, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I force myself to balance the creative part I love—merchandising, creating content, styling, etc. with the operational needs, like inventory management, marketing and tackling my epic To Do List!

3. Favourite travel item?

It is a tie between my Tempurpedic eye mask and my poncho. Both are always with me when I travel.

4. Describe in five words or less your ideal day

Sunday NYT, Coffee, Quiet, Sun

5. What is on your bucket list of travel destinations?

Now that Cuba is open to travel from the US, it’s definitely on my list. I’ll make my Mom give me dancing lessons first, though!

6. If you were stranded on an island and could only take one item with you, what would it be?

Trivial Pursuit game. May as well use my time wisely.

7. If you could have any 5 people over for dinner who would they be?

If choosing from who’s currently alive, then I’d say the author Meg Wolitzer, Dolly Parton, Issa Rae, Pamela Adlon and Elizabeth Warren. Guess it’s a ladies night!

8. What is your spirit animal?

My mom, daughter and I have kind of a fascination with moths. We’ve had a few come into the store that we’re pretty sure are someone we once knew.

9. Favourite ELK item this season?

The Panelled Wool Cape Poncho. It instantly pulls any outfit together and is versatile enough to work with jeans, dresses and even joggers.

To find out more about Perican Bing, click here

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