ELK: Sentosa Print

Introducing the ELK Sentosa Print Collection. 

Expressive and vibrant, our Sentosa print began its journey as a small sketch on paper.

Developed by a member of ELK's in-house design team, the original work was a detailed impression of faces, feet and hands.


ELK's Creative Director Marnie Goding and Head Designer Amadio Colafella took this imaginative artwork and transformed it into the wearable garments you see in our Identity collection today.

Staying authentic to the hands-on approach of the design, this print was showcased on lightweight, draped fabric and cut into a classic, contemporary style; the Sentosa Print jumpsuit, shirt, tank and skort.

Available in a unique collection of colours, the Sentosa Print jumpsuit featured a blue and black colourway, with intricate details of the print etched throughout the garment in white.

The Sentosa Print tank and skort offered a vivid, eye-catching yellow and grey option. Each piece was made to minimise fabric wastage, meaning the placement of this print is unique from garment to garment.

Crafted from 100% Viscose, the Sentosa Print is versatile and made to make a statement. Pieces from the collection could be mix and matched to create a show-stopping silhouette.

This innovative design paired perfectly with sleek accessories; summer eyewear, metallic slides and statement earrings.

Browse the Identity collection here, featuring the Sentosa print x

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