Boomerang Bags at ELK

We discovered an inspiring not for profit organisation called Boomerang Bags. This impressive group of likeminded people originally started as a community group in Burleigh Heads, Queensland with the vision to help reduce the need for plastic bags at supermarkets around the country. Since then, the community-based project now has groups making reusable bags all around the world!

Inspired by their incredible work and passion, we decided to host a Boomerang Bags crafternoon session at ELK HQ, upcycling fabrics from past ELK Collections to create Boomerang Bags.

All proceeds went back to our local Boomerang Bags Group in Preston and Thornbury to help them purchase much-needed thread and inks to continue their wonderful work.

To get involved in a local making workshop find more information via the following links:


Instagram @boomerangbags

Or visit their website at



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